A Winning Courthouse for Breda, The Netherlands

gerechtsgebouw-breda-1We are pleased to announce that our competition proposal, as part of the InBalans Consortium, for a new 30,000 sqm courthouse in the Dutch city of Breda, has been selected as the winning entry. The project will now go ahead with a completion date of early 2018.

InBalans is a collaboration between Volker Wessels Construction and Real Estate Development, Facilicom and Macquarie Capital Group. The architectural design was created by De Architekten CIE, Hootsmans Architectuurbureau, in collaboration with Paul de Ruiter Architects, interior architect Sevil Peach and Karres & Brands Landscape Architects. Visser & Smit Bouw will provide the realisation on the projects behalf. Arup and HOMIJ Technical Installations are responsible for plant, engineering design and realisation. Facilicom Business Services will facilitate support services for 30 years.

Gerechtsgebouw Breda 1 Gerechtsgebouw Breda 2 Gerechtsgebouw Breda 3 Gerechtsgebouw Breda 4