VitraHaus Xmas presents selected by Sevil Peach

Take a look at Sevil Peach’s selection for Christmas at VitraHaus

“Brass is a material that has long been related to traditional handcraft products, especially in my native Turkey. Unfortunately – over the last decades – too many cheap, kitschy and soulless products have flooded the bazaars around the world and have replaced the beautifully manufactured and tactile objects of my childhood. This is why I am pleased to see a certain resurrection of materials such as brass, copper and bronze being used with their “true” materiality in contemporary product design and (interior) architecture. The brass products that I have selected for Xmas at VitraHaus have different qualities. Rough and imperfect like the geometrical paper weights, crisp and precise like the ruler or with a surprising and ironic reminiscence of everyday objects. They all have one thing in common: over time and with their use they will develop a beautiful patina that makes them unique and very special to their owner – like good friends.” (Sevil Peach)

Brass Paper Weights by Oji Masanori

Brass Ruler by Midori