Vitra Exhibitions, Cologne

The Brief

As part of our ongoing collaborative work with Vitra, we designed their exhibition stands for Orgatec Furniture Fairs in collaboration with Dieter Thiel in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

Whilst acting as a space to display new and experimental products alongside their classic range, these stands also showcase Vitra’s “Workspirit Theme of the Year”, allowing them to demonstrate how their design know-how can work across a diverse range of work style scenarios.

The Challenge

Since Vitra’s product range has increased significantly over the years, their stands have also got bigger which in turn has made the design of the space a more elaborate enterprise.

Trade exhibitions can quickly become tedious for visitors, so we wanted to balance exciting inspirational displays with environments that created a sense of intimacy and hospitality.

The Solution

Following an urban landscape analogy, we used a mix of buildings, streets, pavements, plazas, colours and vistas to showcase a whole range of different settings and moods.

By creating an interesting narrative that allowed visitors to navigate their way round the stand easily, we were able to prevent exhibition fatigue at the same time as displaying Vitra’s products at their best. Placing the café at the heart of the stand captured visitors’ attention, drawing them right into the centre of the stand and acting as the main communication zone for sales reps and business deals.

The Reaction

“To realise a good office environment you need five players: a good architect, a psychologist, a workflow specialist, a stylist and a good client. If the client is good, Sevil and her team can deliver the rest of what is needed and design the finest office environments I have seen so far.”Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra Chairman

Press coverage has included AIT magazine, Badishe Zeitung, Die Presse, Form Büro, Frame, Sonntags Zeitung, ID Digital.


Gary Turnbull, Eduardo Perez